Created in response to demand for relevant small group material, and using the Hauora health model of Te Whare Tapa Wha, BLESSED, STRESSED AND DEPRESSED is an entertaining and practical 8-part small group series that digs deeper into the huge topic of Mental Wellness. 


Each session has a TEDtalk style presentation of around 15 - 20mins featuring my unique blend of Stories, Humour, Science and (for the Church version) Scripture, followed by a discussion workbook for use in the group and at home. 


TAKE A LOOK! Watch a short taster video HERE! 



For more info on specific topics and content discussed within the series, click here.



COST PER PERSON : $24 with a MINIMUM ORDER of 10 workbooks. This 8 week Small Group Course comes with a USB stick containing video resources and individual a5 workbooks developed personally by Juliagrace. This is usually suitable for a small group of more than 10 people. If you are catering to a smaller group, please contact us directly through the site's contact form and we may be able to organise this for you. 

PLEASE NOTE: If you purchase less than 10 workbooks without contacting us directly, we will not be able to fulfill your order and you will be refunded. 

Blessed, Stressed & Depressed - Small Group Mental Wellness Resource / Churches