It wasn’t on the news, but it should have been…I’m talking about the ‘Perfect Ponsonby Parallel Parking’ incident that happened the other night.

It was 7.25pm, dark and cold and slightly raining and my one shot to get into my gym class at 7.30 within walking distance was laid before me…but to get there I had to ace the world’s tightest parallel park.

It wasn’t life or death, oh no, it was much more important than that, and I am not ashamed to admit that I totally nailed it.

I yelled ‘YEAH BABY’ and waved my hands in the air victoriously - lucky nobody called the cops!

Now I know it's not like I split the atom or conquered world hunger, but for me, on that day, in that fragile frame

of mind, a little moment of success became a great big deal. After having experienced a long string of personal failures and setbacks, I couldn’t help but celebrate.

When life is easy and full of big successes, it's simple to overlook the little things that we work hard to make happen every day. But when life is more difficult, defined by

failures or overshadowed by challenges, the small achievements need to be celebrated.

I like to call them ‘Tiny Wins’.

Approaching a task like some mundane, unimportant activity will not engender the excitement and jubilation that my parking brought about. Approaching it like a race to be run or a hurdle to jump over will allow us, even for a moment, to feel the intoxicating feeling of success when we finally make it. If we set our goals too high, we forget to celebrate the little milestones, by breaking down the task into achievable steps we allow ourselves the opportunity to recognize the Tiny Wins.

What have you won today that may have gone unnoticed?

What Tiny Win have you allowed to slip through the cracks?

Could you put a candle on a cupcake and congratulate yourself just for a moment?

Does someone you know and love deserve to hear about a Tiny Win today?

Is there a child in your life that needs to hear that doing their homework or tidying their room is worthy of celebrating?

Do we wait too long before ‘throwing a party’?

I bet you have achieved any number of small successes today…I say make the most of it!

Get those hands in the air people, blow out the candle, pop the bubbles and be a Tiny Winner!!

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