Let it Out, Let it Heal, Let it Go - BE KIND TO YOUR MIND

Believe it or not, Hollywood has got me thinking! A lot has happened recently with personal stories finally being told. It’s a positive move forward for those with such painful past experiences, to be heard and acknowledged. One of the causes of Mental Wellness issues is trauma from the past. Suppressed pain that has been pushed under the surface is like a ticking time bomb to our minds. We may think we have locked the door on the past but don’t be fooled, the brain stores everything. Ignoring our past and hoping for the best is like putting a sticking plaster over a knife embedded in our chest and pretending it’s not there. We might deny its existence but it will cause endless complications not to mention everybody else being able to see it! So how can we help protect our Mental Wellness from the trauma of the past? LET IT OUT Telling our story is vital to this process. Be it to a friend or a counsellor (or better still both) the chance to tell your story in your own words without judgement is a powerful and beautiful thing. Be wise about who you open up to, and grateful for their listening ear. LET IT HEAL Once a wound has been cleaned we need to give it a chance to heal. Leaving behind the places and people that consistently bring damage the wound is vital to the process. Be with people that speak life, not pain and give yourself time to get better. LET IT GO Forgiveness is a process that takes time but is worth every ounce of effort. Be brave enough to forgive yourself, be powerful enough to forgive others and leave the rest in God’s hands. Life is short, don’t waste it. Let it out, let it heal, let it go Kia kaha

Xx Julia

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