Don't Feed the Seagulls - BE KIND TO YOUR MIND

Don’t feed the seagulls! :) Peace-pickers...they circle our heads, they swoop in, they steal our peace, crumb by crumb. Like scavenging seagulls, peace pickers are thoughts, ideas or words that trigger panic, fear or stress. They press on our bruises and pick away at our defenses, exposing our vulnerabilities. Sometimes we feel them circling, and need to take action before they get close enough to swoop, so how do we stop feeding them and start chasing them away? Remove. Turn off the triggers that let them in. Block the pages and delete the numbers that let the peace pickers get close enough to hurt. Relocate. Stand up, get out of the space you're in and let that little bit of distraction clear your head. Refuse. Guard your mind, actively wave away the thoughts that are threatening to land, before they get the chance to rob and steal. Wave your arms around if you have to! :) Remind. Use the anxious thoughts as a reminder to pray. Take a moment to turn it over to God again, and refocus on the truth.

Replace. The peace-picking seagulls don't need any encouragement, but we do, I've been fighting them off this week and it's exhausting, but fully worthwhile. Be encouraged...we've got this, through Christ who strengthens us. X Julia

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