Things That Make You Go Mmm - BE KIND TO YOUR MIND

Part of our mental wellness is identifying and speaking up when our minds and bodies are not doing so well, but what about the other side of the coin? What about the things that we love, that make us go Mmm-mm! If we ignore the signals that give us a sense of well-being we will forget the triggers that started them. If we keep our senses open to them, we will learn to identify and repeat those patterns that bring us little joys. For me it’s the feeling of sun on my skin, the taste of a good coffee, the sound of beautiful music. Ooh and the smell of vanilla anything! ☺ If something ticks the box and give you an inner smile, try these three things.

STOP! Freeze. Take a moment to acknowledge and be grateful for this thing that has stopped you in your tracks, no matter how small.

FEEL! Enjoy it - don’t let its simplicity rob it of its significance! Take a photo. Share the moment. Experience it with as many of your five God-given senses as you can. Touch, smell, taste, see, hear. If (like me) it’s vanilla that makes you feel like a glorious summer day, get a candle AND a hand cream AND a vanilla smoothie and go ahead and double down on all the sensory goodness!

REPEAT! Do it again! If it’s cheap or free, make it happen regularly. If it’s out of your reach, look for a cost-effective solution. 
If you can’t afford a tropical holiday, get some coconut candles and make your room smell like one! 
If you don’t have sunshine, change your lightbulbs from icy cold to the warm tones that make your room feel less like you're about to be questioned by the CIA. 
If you're hanging out for extra space, get rid of some clutter to make the room you have feel bigger. 
We are so good at making up excuses, let’s use all that creative genius to identify and repeat the things that make us, and those we love, go Mmm-mm. 
I’m off for some coffee, candle (vanilla) and Coldplay and to sit in the sun for five minutes. What are you going to do?

Much love Julia xx

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