Riding The Rollercoaster - BE KIND TO YOUR MIND

Part of living an abundant life is taking care of our own Mental Wellness.

I get to do some cool things as an artist, like walk the red carpet at the music awards, :) but I have to admit that i have a love/hate relationship with it.

I get out of the stretch limo (yay) to be greeted by a crowd who think who’s that (cringe)!

Big highs and lows can trigger mental wellness issues, when emotions are strong (both good and bad) we are more vulnerable than usual.

Weddings or funerals, deadlines or holidays, the big stuff makes for big emotional changes. The things that people see are not always the things that make our brains react either, be prepared for reactions that may be unexpected to situations.

Here's some tips to ride the waves.

GUAGE. Check in with your feelings, learn to predict your responses and ride the roller coaster of emotion mindfully, the ups and the downs. Both ends of the spectrum will benefit from you being prepared for them.

ENGAGE. If you're like me, and retreat into your shell under pressure, give someone permission to check in. Be honest with God, and with others, nobody’s surprised by your state of mind. Your reactions are normal and they can be managed.

STAGE. Plan something fun beyond the big event to look forward to, to help you keep perspective. If it all falls apart at least you can move onto the next fun activity!

Guage, Engage, Stage



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