Caring For The Carers - BE KIND TO YOUR MIND

If you care for someone who is dealing with Mental Wellness issues, here’s some encouragement for you!

WHAT YOU DO IS AMAZING. It may not seem to be appreciated, (depression can make it challenging at times to express some emotions) so let me say, your small things make a big difference. THANK YOU.

It's so hard not to take things personally when someone could or should be showing more gratitude, try to read between the lines between the lines rather than believe everything that is said to you.

Don’t forget IT'S NOT ALL UP TO YOU. If your loved one had an illness you could see, you would not be their surgeon or counsellor. With conditions of the mind, you can only do your best, the end result is in the hands of the person, their choices and God.

Encouraging someone to seek professional help can take the load off you and allow them to have someone they can truly download to.

Finally, YOUR LIFE MATTERS! Have someone you can download to and make time to fill your own emotional tank. Make no excuse for enjoying yourself, you don't need to be pulled into a vortex of despair to be empathetic.

The mental health of carers is understandably at risk, take responsibility for yourself and showing some self love and self care.

Give your loved one something to hope for by trusting God and living as fully as you can.

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