You Are What You Eat - BE KIND TO YOUR MIND

My Dad used to say 'eat your vegetables, they'll put hair on your chest.' I'm not quite sure how that was supposed to be a motivating factor, but I definitely used that saying as an excuse to not eat my Brussels sprouts! But do you remember the old saying 'you are what you eat?' It's not entirely true (or I would probably be a bag of Caramel popcorn by now), but there's actually some truth in there. What we feed our bodies, is important. What we feed our brains does affect our mental wellness. The balance of nutrition is not something to be ignored when it comes to how our minds/brains/hormones/emotions are functioning. We are getting better at taking care of ourselves in so many ways, but we are just finding out the link between our state of health, our state of diet, and our state of mind. Nourishing, strengthening and sustaining are three things that good food should do. What are we feeding ourselves? Are we looking for mental wellness while ignoring a brilliant key right in front of our noses? Are we, (figuratively or literally) busy praying and longing for good health while sitting in the KFC drive through? If we are what we eat, what are you? I'm doing further research on this one, and don't worry any finger pointing is squarely back at me's just that I'm trying to live a solution focused life, and this one seems like an attainable key. Let's have a look today at what's on our plates, and see how that may affect what's happening in our brains, some great nourishment may be just what the doctor ordered!

Much love Julia

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