Overloaded = Overwhelmed. Unplug. BE KIND TO YOUR MIND

Too much information can impact your Mental Wellness.

It’s ok to unplug.

I don't think I have ever had so much news going through my head as I have at the moment. To describe this season as information overload doesn't begin to sum it up.

Being on the other side of the world to a lot of the goings on has a unique effect too, going to sleep knowing that things are happening and i am going to wake up to news updates of death tolls, border lockdowns and global crisis doesn't make for a great night's sleep now does it!!

It’s so tempting in this Information Age to take advantage of every source of news. Social, international, national, grapevine.

Does knowing more make us any less stressed or help our Mental Wellness in any way?

Actually it's quite the opposite.

Information will make us concerned (understandably so), and cause the brain to respond from its emotional centre rather than its problem solving centre. This doesn’t mean we should know nothing, but it does mean we should be strategic in how often we allow our brain to be operating in that ‘fight or flight’ mode.

There are some things we NEED to know.

Local or national information that affects our decisions day to day, health guidelines or keeping up to date with loved ones around the world.

There are some things we DON’T need to know.

Conspiracy theories, gorey details of deaths or images of lockdowns and hazmat suits.So what can we do?Limit the amount of time we spend seeking information and our exposure to it.

Let’s be smart in who we are listening to for information and limit the number of sources that we are choosing to trust with our Mental Wellness.

Let’s face it, if your annoying Uncle has spent the last three years trying to convince you that the earth is flat and the Illuminati is out to get you, why would you suddenly trust him for useful information now, of all times!

It might seem scary to stop tuning in to every single update, thinking that we might miss something vital, but just remember, it was only a few short years ago that the news only came through once or twice a day, and we survived!

Choose a reliable source of information (I’m picking Radio New Zealand as a sane source of helpful info) and choose when to check in, in a mindful way.

This crisis will consume your every thought if you let it, so let’s not let it.

Life is for living, Mental Wellness can be maintained if we care for ourselves.

Give your brain a break!

Kia kaha

xx Julia

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