What do your socks have to do with your brain? - BE KIND TO YOUR MIND

Have you ever wondered why you can’t constantly feel your socks on your feet? Or why it’s easier to listen to something with your eyes closed?

Our brains are bombarded with information constantly. If we paid attention to everything we would literally go crazy trying to make sense of the world!

Lucky for us our brains have learnt to ‘turn the lights down’ on information that is considered normal or to be expected so we can focus on the things that are requiring our immediate attention.

That's great when most things are ‘normal’.

Right now, most things are decidedly ‘abnormal!’ :)

So many things are new, novel, different and fascinating, our brains are working overtime to keep us up to date.

Even though i am here working in my home office which is pretty normal for me, there's so many things that i am noticing -

My brain is telling me that there are way less cars on the road than normal.

The neighbours are all at home around me.

I'm aware of the stress levels of my family.

Oh, and by the way, we are in the middle of a global pandemic!

It's going to take a while for this stuff to be considered ‘normal’ enough by my brain to stop sending me signals, and in that time I am going to have to be super kind to myself.

Our brains are amazing, they are not trying to overwhelm us - quite the opposite. They are working hard to assimilate this new information and help us figure out what needs our immediate attention and what can have the ‘the lights turned down’ on it over the next little while.

Don't fight it - embrace it.

Say thanks to your amazing brain for helping you find the new normal!

Kia kaha

Xx juliagrace


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