Happy Hobbies - BE KIND TO YOUR MIND


It’s official, I’ve turned into a Nana! I’ve picked up an old hobby from my childhood and have started KNITTING! Nothing complicated, just a neck warmer which is basically just a lazy scarf, but knitting none-the-less.

And, it’s given me a BRAIN-BREAK!

A hobby is like a series of tiny problem solving exercises, getting that frontal love of our brains engaged and allowing a feeling of relaxation for a few minutes.

Try finding yourself a HAPPY HOBBY - here’s some guidelines. Make it...

AVAILABLE - something that you can lay your hands on instantly without hassle.

CONTINUING - something that can be picked up and put down easily.

ENGAGING - something that will take your attention for a few minutes at a time.

That spells ACE just to help you remember!

Doing a crossword or puzzle?

Picking up a handcraft?

Reading a book with short chapters?

Why not give yourself a BRAIN-BREAK today with a HAPPY HOBBY!




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