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IT’S ABOUT ALL PEOPLE. Please share!

A few years ago I was booking a community Mental Health event in a small NZ town, when somebody questioned our choice of venue. They suggested a different suburb with the reasoning that there would be more of ‘Those Kind of People’ there.

I picked my jaw up off the ground and asked as pleasantly as I could, ‘What Kind of People are Those’?

Are they people whose genetic lotteries have simply predisposed them to a range of Mental Wellness challenges, the same as physical health issues?

People who have been through trauma, triggering physical/psychological/emotional reactions to the pressure?

People whose hormones/chronic pain play havoc with their brains for whatever reason, causing them to spiral?

Or any other number of ‘reasons’?

While I’m fully aware that poverty can result in an over-representation of many health issues, this pigeon-hole profiling of Mental Health needs to change.

Does this little smiley-faced girl in the photo look like one of ‘Those Kind of People’? Cos’ I actually am.

I manage clinical depression and anxiety. My dad is now dealing with late in life dementia.

Mental Wellness issues affect us all to one degree or another. With a brain in our head and breath in our lungs, Being Kind to Our Minds is an everyday journey.

It’s not about THOSE PEOPLE.

It’s about ALL PEOPLE.

X Julia

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