Keep it Simple! - BE KIND TO YOUR MIND

I just saw an ad for fat-burning slimming soap and EVERYTHING inside me wants it to be real.

It’s amazing how much we want fancy solutions to our challenges. Snazzy teas and expensive exercise programmes.

All too often we go looking for the complicated, and overlook the simple tools that are right in front of us everyday.

Like this one. Water. H2O.

And I don't mean the vitamin stuff, or the infused stuff, or even the Zero Carb stuff - (YES that is an actual thing for sale)!

I literally mean the stuff that comes out of the tap.

Dehydration and feelings of un-wellness are strongly linked. Like all ‘solutions’ this is simply one tool in the toolbox, but my point is - let's not forget the simple tools.

I actually find it hard to stay hydrated, to remind myself that tiredness, hunger and sometimes low mood can be triggered by a dehydrated body - and then to do something about it.

I know it sounds crazy that a simple tool would be one that I overlook, but I think this applies to all of us at one time or another.

What is a simple health or wellbeing tool that you’re overlooking? Could your Mental Wellness be further supported by putting some simple routines in place that will help you make these practises happen without having to think about it?

Let’s not immediately reach for the complicated tools in the toolbox while forgetting the ones that are right within our reach.

Right. I’m off to drink some H2-beautiful-O!!

Aroha nui

Julia Grace


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