Life Under Construction - BE KIND TO YOUR MIND

I've been driving this week on a piece of motorway that's been a scene of roadworks carnage for the last two years. It's been messy, frustrating and painfully under construction so long, that it seemed like it would never be finished.

I could have sworn that the mess would be there forever and yet today I drive on a smooth road so seamlessly that I've almost forgotten the way it used to be.

Life under construction can feel interminable. The surface is rough, the potholes are dizzying, the slowed down pace of life is embarrassing. If you're under construction, don't panic. No season lasts forever, although it might feel that way.

There are no guarantees that your road won't need more work in the future, that's a fact of life, but road works are exactly that. Works. To create a life that works.

If your motorway is smooth and easy sailing today, enjoy every mile of it, embrace it's gentle turns and pleasant landscaping, don't take it for granted.

As long as we live, we will be somewhere in the phase of 'under construction' - let’s choose to embrace the trip, whether smooth or rough. :)

Kia kaha xxx


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