When all you've got are memories - BE KIND TO YOUR MIND

A while ago I picked up my Dad’s stuff to shift him to another rest home. It’s a long story, suffice to say he’s the first person of our family ever to be expelled from anything. 😂😂😂

Everything he needs nowadays could be held in two suitcases, and everything else he has is stored up inside his brain.

When we come nearer to the end, what remains are the memories that we have, the stories we’ve heard and told and the love that we’ve shared.

If all we have is our memories, let’s make them awesome ones. Let’s make them full of adventure and intrigue, peace and quiet, melody and harmony. Full of the light and shade of a life well lived.

Ps I got in lots of trouble for making him laugh so much he started coughing loud and long. Comedy is a dangerous game - I’ll try and be less funny next time.

X julia

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