Hi, Julia here. Having presented over 150 Keynote Messages at conferences, churches and community events, Mykle and I are SO excited to be taking this next big step into the Mental Wellness conversation. 


We picked the tongue-in-cheek title of BLESSED, STRESSED AND DEPRESSED because it sums up our modern lives - there’s so much to be grateful for and yet with so much going on, looking after our own wellbeing can easily take a backseat.


The topics are fun, memorable and give novel language around some of the big Mental Wellness ideas for easy recall and use  in everyday life. 



Topics Include:

SADDLING UP THE CHIHUAHUA - introducing a holistic Mental Wellness focus, managing challenging life circumstances 

THE BRAIN ZOO - naming and understanding how the parts of the brain work and how that affects our Mental Wellness 

THE TIGER AT THE DOOR - stress responses, understanding fight or flight response and fatigue

LIVING IN THE TENSION - the life i have vs the life i thought i would have, dealing with disappointment 

THE MIDDLE PENGUIN - community, relationships and dealing with people and how that affects our Mental Wellness

BOATS IN THE WATER - burnout and depression, how they work and how we can help our bodies when dealing with them

DON'T FEED THE SEAGULLS - negativity, comparison and self talk, identifying where some anxiety issues are coming from and what we can do about it 

READY STEADY GO - addressing trauma from the past and how it affects our Mental Wellness, the science of forgiveness 


The community based version contains a strong faith component but is less focused on Scripture or specific Christian reference and will be available shortly. The church version is good to go! 


BLESSED, STRESSED AND DEPRESSED is a series that involves everyone, no matter where they are on the ‘Wellness Scale’.  Those that are dealing with mental wellness issues will find great tools and tips, those supporting others in their journeys will be educated and inspired.  And those who are well - well they can always get wella.  ;)