Trying to sum up Juliagrace in a few paragraphs is a tough ask.

Officially she is a Keynote Speaker, Tui Award-winning Singer/Songwriter, Registered Teacher, Writer/Blogger and Mental Wellness Advocate.

Unofficially she is funny, insightful, passionately honest about her own journey with Mental Wellness and able to hold a crowd of any size in the palm of her hand.

Building on her 25 year career as a singer/songwriter with extensive national and international touring experience, and years of work in the classroom, Julia has been a Keynote Speaker and Contributor at over 120 Conferences and Events in the last 2 1⁄2 years on the topics of Mental Wellness including crisis, depression, anxiety and stress.

Julia has a knack of tackling the ‘big’ topics and breaking them down into memorable ideas, giving everyone a set of practical tools to help support their brain and body.

Julia has recently created a one-minute Facebook video series on Mental Wellness topics that have collectively had over 50,000 views and a reach of 95,000+ people.


With Julia at your event, you’ll find yourself laughing and crying as she punctuates personal stories with emotive songs (and the voice of an angel), finding humour, insight and practical help in the darkest of situations.



Blessed, Stressed and Depressed,

a Mental Wellness resource for church and community groups.


Julia’s Keynote Messages include:

‘Blessed, Stressed and Depressed’ - my story of dealing with Mental Wellness issues

‘Gratitude’ - the power of Mindfulness

‘Contentment’ - finding contentment in the face of life’s challenges

‘Beautiful Survivor’ - living well in the different seasons of life

...as well as workshops and Q&A sessions.



All of these messages come under the big topic of Mental Wellness, addressing the issues using Julia’s unique blend of Stories, Songs, Science and Humour. 


Each can be tailored for different types of events and are fun, entertaining and engaging.



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